Q: I’m from Nebraska, can I post any of my photos on Nebraska Through the Lens?

A: We only allow photos taken in Nebraska to be posted in our group. Our  purpose is to showcase the beauty of Nebraska through photography.

Q: Do I have to post the location of my photo?

A: No, it is not required but many of our members like to know where   a photo  was taken so we encourage you to share the location but it is not required.

Q: Why are my photos of railroad tracks being deleted?

A: Railroad property is private property and we do not condone trespassing, as  administrators we also feel that it is extremely dangerous. We have adopted a  policy of deleting any photo that has the perspective that the photo was taken  from railroad property.

Q: Do you allow photos to be posted showing people?

A: Our goal is to showcase life in and the beauty of Nebraska through  photography. That being said, while some photos of people meet this goal we  find that “selfie” type photos are better suited for a person’s personal page.

Q: Why are some animal photos allowed while others are deleted?

A: As administrators we look for the artistic qualities of a photograph. Does the  photo show animals depicting life in Nebraska or is it a snapshot of the family  pet? We tend to give a lot of latitude on these posts but many are much more  appropriate for your personal Facebook page.

Q: How do I get my photo chosen to be the monthly banner photo?

A: The banner photo is chosen by one of the administrators at the beginning of each month by searching recent posts on Nebraska Through the Lens on Facebook. (to increase your odds of being chosen, Steve recommends posting  closer to the end of the month).

Q: Is a person required to get my permission prior to sharing one of my photos?

A: As administrators we have no control over who shares a photo. We  recommend setting the resolution to the lowest setting and placing a  watermark on your photo if you are concerned about your photos being stolen.